Owner and President Dr. Lillie Ann Piosalan says, “Our strength lies in being able to customize presentations and training programs that benefit organizations and maximize learning opportunities from a participant's point of view. I am told that I am funny at times – one participant asked me once, ‘What Comedy Club do you perform at?’ I believe that learning can be fun and enjoyable so why not laugh when you can!”

“Having been in various management positions, I always appreciated an "outsider" to tell my staff what I have been telling them for years. Just like children, people listen to adults other than their parents and think what ever was said was earth shattering and has a great impact whereas their parents have been telling them the same thing daily.”

Associates at Piosalan & Associates, LLC will begin training customization by gathering information about your organization's culture and needs. We then customize materials for your specific event, training session, and/or gathering.

In the consultative process, we identify or diagnosis your situation and needs in the strictest confidentiality. We then determine recommend a remedy for success or improvement.

Piosalan & Associates, LLC has a collaborative working relationship with a variety of trainers and consultants who have varying strengths and a wealth of backgrounds to serve the needs of the diverse workplace and industries.

Organizational Planning and Development

Our philosophy of “ ... Build the People, Build the Business ... ” can be incorporated into your human resources management and human resources development. We will assess your organization's governance structure and each sector's accountability/execution of the business plan, and then create/facilitate strategies and programs to effectively achieve organizational goals.

Training & Development Assessment

Using "RADAR", we utilize various instruments to assess your situation and will train/develop the players to successfully achieve the organization's mission statement, purpose, and goals.

Review the situation and the players
Assess and analyze your situation
Determine the diagnosis
Actionize a plan with recommendations
Reap and reflect results

Training & Development: Seminars, Courses, Educational Programs

We believe in “ ... Build the People, Build the Business ... ” and have developed various training modules (e.g., sales, customer service, communications, etc.) for all levels of employees in organizations to achieve maximum results. In her entertaining and motivational style, Dr. Piosalan has presented numerous key note addresses and training sessions to diverse groups of audiences.

Management Consulting & Executive Development

Lillie Ann Piosalan, Ed.D., is an organizational development specialist and a "Player-Coach" for various private sector and non-profit organizations. She provides a unique and effective style to coach and interacts side-by-side with leaders and players in the training room and on the playing field. Lillie becomes a "Player-Coach" with individual and a team of leaders to develop their "POSITIONAL" powers and "People" Skills. She demonstrates "HOW" to lead and instills confidence in your personal style of leadership and to effectively make decisions, communicate with and manage your team.

Customized Comprehensive Employee Recruiting Program